2100 concert recording now available on Differ Records

Full recording now available on Bandcamp: https://differrecords.bandcamp.com/album/2100

From album notes:

In recent years we’ve been frequently warned that sea levels will rise up to 2m by the end of this century, completely reshaping human experience as a consequence. However, since this massive movement is not directly accessible to our senses, our society still has a hard time accepting these facts. This performance, for double bass and electronically generated sounds, corresponds to the beginning of an 84-year long score that challenges the limits of a normal concert situation. It puts two different timeframes against each other: the first one is that of immediate human perception, in the microvariations of the bass part, and the other, a slowly rising tone that will stretch until 2100 and will eventually transcend our hearing range. The microtonal interplay between the parts will generate a wealth of details that will never repeat along the concert. Hopefully, for listeners that will try and tune in to its microvariations, this movement that humans cannot perceive might become accessible.