Poème Symphonique (Pour 100 Ligetis)

Video, synthesized soundtrack

Poème Symphonique (pour 100 Ligetis) is a tribute to hungarian composer György Ligeti, based on his avant-garde masterpiece Poème Symphonique (pour 100 métronomes). In his piece, one hundred mechanical metronomes are started simultaneously, generating chaos and polyrythms, until all of them stop.

In this version, instead of 100 metronomes, 100 loops of a video interview with the composer himself are used. The process is not much different from the original composition: the videos are set up to play with small speed differences, generating a chaotic mix of voices at first, and then gradually stopping until only one Ligeti can be heard. It highlights the contradiction between his discourse in the video interview, where he speaks and gestures about a specific moment, and the myriad of moments produced by the repetition process. Part of the Cronotópicas series.