• Algorave BCN

    December 1st I’ll present some interactive stuff that relates to an ongoing investigation about loops and postproduction of music at Algorave Barcelona. I’m not that much into live coding becase 1) I suck at coding, 2) Max/MSP sucks as a live coding platform and is the only thing I know a bit and 3) I have […]


  • Residency at L’Estruch

    During October, I’ll be spending some days every week in this very nice studio in Sabadell, near Barcelona, in a residency/art center called L’Estruch. Not bad having 8 Genelecs and a nice subwoofer to experiment with… I’ll be experimenting with sound generated by clicks/pulses and what happens when you speed them up to the point […]


  • Cueva de Sonidos, BCN

    Mauricio Iregui, León David Cobo and I will be presenting some recent works at La Chinata in BCN. This is a quite unusual place despite the fact that it is across the street from MACBA. On the street level, there’s a nice olive oil shop, and in the undergroud there’s a nice cove with a […]