Living Room

Rechargeable speakers, MP3 players, plastic boxes, nylon strings, multichannel soundtrack

Installation view at Hangar Barcelona

What if all things in a room were replaced with sounds? In this installation, an everyday scene is mentally created using nothing but the names of things, and their location in space.

Installation schematics

Living Room creates a scene using spoken words arranged in space. In this minimalist installation, eight speakers enact static things in a living room by saying their names – such as “chair” or “table” – in a definite location and height, while another speaker enacts a person by saying aloud her flowing state of mind. Sound only exists while it lasts, so names must be repeated continually to keep virtual objects “alive” in space. From the outside, it sounds like a murmur; but by approaching one speaker at a time, each representing a thing, one is playfully invited to trace the relationship between concepts frozen in space, and reconstruct a full scene in their mind.

Voice: Ana Paula Santana