Animated graphic score for 16 musicians

“Juntos/as/xs/es” is an inquiry on the paradox between the urge for group action against authoritarianism in Brazil and not being able to gather physically during the pandemic. This project was commissioned by Festival Novas Frequencias (Brazil, 2021) and set up an open call for young Brazilian musicians to interpret the animated graphic score. The score stands as a metaphorical common goal for all, despite personal differences and individual traits, and musicians were requested to play it based on the video only, without group rehearsals or any other instructions. The musicians performed it offline, without listening to each other, and the video sums up the individual contributions.


Wesley Lima Brito: harmonica, melodica, acoustic guitar; Clarisse Svaiter, violin; Anderson Kaltner: berimbau, Ableton Live; RÁDIO CÃO: synthesizers; Rafael de Toledo Pedroso: Balinese xylophone; Pedro Carboni: trombone; Yuri Costa: out-of-tune mini-harp, voice; Roberto Borges: guitar, synthesizers, sampler, Ableton Live; Natália Francischini: guitar, objects, pedals; Lucca Totti: acoustic guitar; CH Malves: amplified objects; Mateus Macedo: violoncello; Wesley Barsa Ribeiro: drums; Bruno Trochmann: rabeca fiddle, cicadas; Martim Gueller: piano; Ricardo Cezario: ambient guitar, sampler. Felipe Vaz: conception, graphic score, video, mix and master.

Thanks to: Anna Raquel, Flavia Goa, Daniel Stringini, Chico Dub, Natália Lebeis, Pérola Mathias.