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  • Residency at L’Estruch

    During October, I’ll be spending some days every week in this very nice studio in Sabadell, near Barcelona, in a residency/art center called L’Estruch. Not bad having 8 Genelecs and a nice subwoofer to experiment with… I’ll be experimenting with sound generated by clicks/pulses and what happens when you speed them up to the point […]

  • Cueva de Sonidos, BCN

    Mauricio Iregui, León David Cobo and I will be presenting some recent works at La Chinata in BCN. This is a quite unusual place despite the fact that it is across the street from MACBA. On the street level, there’s a nice olive oil shop, and in the undergroud there’s a nice cove with a […]

  • 11 Canciones para Anita

    A group of sound artists, including me, will be presenting our work on a collective exhibit on Hangar on July 1st. If you’re in Barcelona, please come by! More info

  • Guest post on Hangar Sonor

    I’ve recently started to collaborate with Hangar’s blog on sound art – the first post is about the centenary of Luigi Russolo’s L’Arte dei Rumori.