Author: Felipe Vaz

  • Ocupação Arte Sonora, Rio de Janeiro

    I’ll be presenting the performance You Should Be Dancing, this time with a very talented brazilian dancer named Fabiano Nunes, at Ocupação Arte Sonora, in Rio de Janeiro. This event, promoted by the good friends and sound artists Franz Manata and Saulo Laudares, has been hosting lots of interesting works, performances and loose residencies at Castelinho do Flamengo, including Vivian […]

  • Bienal da Caixa de Novos Artistas

    Just happened to know that my video Quando was select as one of the works in Mostra Bienal Caixa de Novos Artistas. It will be touring six cities (Brasília, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo) across Brazil for the next two years. Whoohoo!

  • Feature at Navegador/GloboNews

    My work You Should Be Dancing was featured alongside my dissertation Elementos da Arte Sonora on the always interesting Navegador show at Brazilian TV Channel GloboNews. Thanks Hermano, Ronaldo, Zé and Alê for the invitation! The programme is archived here:

  • Sonia Fernández Pan on 11 Canciones para Anita

    That’s pretty old news, but only now I stumbled upon this critique of Sound Art by curator Sonia Fernandez Pan addressing a group exhibit I participated on. You Should Be Dancing is one of the works mentioned.

  • Festival Mixtur 2014 – Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

    I’m really happy that my video 1354 prepared DC motors with steel wool on axis tip, cardboard boxes will be part of the sound art section of the Mixtur Festival, in Fabra i Coats in Barcelona. The festival starts on April 24th, and will include other works by fellow artists and composers, as well as an exhibition about Karlheinz […]

  • A review of “Perdel el Norte”

    The collective show Perder El Norte, which included a performance I did, received a review on the contemporary art magazine Interartive. Check it out!

  • Cau d’Orella 2014

    On march 19th and 20th I’ll be presenting an installation on this year’s edition of Cau d’Orella, a festival about experimental and electronic music in Barcelona. In the sound art section you’ll find works and performances by some fine artists including Lina Bautista, Mauricio Iregui, Laura Llaneli and Cristina Chávez.

  • Perder El Norte

    February 15th, in Barcelona. I’ll present Untitled (Patética) there, along with fine works by Pep Vidal, Angie Bonino, Teresa Lenzi and others.

  • You Should Be Dancing en ArtsSònica/Arts Santa Mònica

    Next friday, december 20th, I’ll be joining fellow sound artists Laura Llaneli and LinaLab and present my piece You Should Be Dancing, with the dancer Javier Vaquero Ollero, as a part of the ArtsSònica program, in Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona. I hope to see you there!

  • Algorave BCN

    December 1st I’ll present some interactive stuff that relates to an ongoing investigation about loops and postproduction of music at Algorave Barcelona. I’m not that much into live coding becase 1) I suck at coding, 2) Max/MSP sucks as a live coding platform and is the only thing I know a bit and 3) I have […]